Black Acrylic | Engraved Seating Chart

Black Acrylic | Engraved Seating Chart

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This beautiful wedding seating chart makes a stunning addition to your reception! Your table list is engraved on black "glass" acrylic with our high-precision lasers to create a pale gray impression on the reflective surface. 

Acrylic is a more durable alternative to glass - it is shatter and scratch resistant, while retaining the glossy, reflective quality of glass. Engraving the surface of the black acrylic creates a gray/white etching. We have three size options to choose from.

18" x 24": MAX 12 tables / 75 names
18" x 30”: MAX 14 tables / 100 names
24" x 36": MAX 18 tables / 150 names

For lists with more than 150 names, we recommend purchasing two charts so we can split the details between them.